Ep 35 – Stale Honesty

High intensity mediocrity from the boys this week as Bernard tackles some interesting issues and Tony tackles his desire for sleep (no he is not on sedatives this week, he is just sleepy.)

Advice was dished in between all the mindless drivel, including such important issues as asking for a discount, group text hijinks and getting people to just piss off out of your house.


Thanks to everyone who is sending us their issues, please send yours to cousinocracy@gmail.com



Massive shout out to SoundVilage for providing most of the tunes – check them out here (and yeah they only have one ‘l’ in their name, something about the correct way of spelling being taken or something, I dunno, the music is pretty awesome thought, you’d never guess from the songs that they would be missing an ‘l’ from their name, you’d assume their spelling would be on point and their grammar would be tight as shit!) Enjoy the show?

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