Ep 30 – The DropNutz Tribe

Its fast and furious this week as Bernard & Tony manage to pump three bits of stellar advice AND a heart stopping edition of ‘fun fact, bullshit act’  – Will this be the week Bernard finally takes the lead, or will Tony come up with some sort of trickery to steal victory?

And hey! We need your problems people – email us cousinocracy@gmail.com – all the cool kids are doing it.


Massive shout out to SoundVilage for providing most of the tunes – check them out here (and yeah they only have one ‘l’ in their name, something about the correct way of spelling being taken or something, I dunno, the music is pretty awesome thought, you’d never guess from the songs that they would be missing an ‘l’ from their name, you’d assume their spelling would be on point and their grammar would be tight as shit!)

Enjoy the show?

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