Ep 23 – Donald rises to Power

Recorded as Donald Trump wins the 2016 US Presidential Election, Tony and Bernard were somewhat distracted as they attempted to solve the BIG issues facing people in the world today;

  • How to kick someone out of your band for instance.
  • The all-to-often issue of finding one’s boyfriends growing belly attractive.
  • And of course, if you should share lecture notes with a less industrious classmate

With another round of ‘Fun-Fact or Bullshit Act?’ and our repeated forays into US politics, this really is a must listen for anyone who has 45 minutes they’d rather never see again.

Quote of the episode – “We are the ointment for your cry wanking blisters” – Bernard



Massive shout out to SoundVilage for providing most of the tunes – check them out here (and yeah they only have one ‘l’ in their name, something about the correct way of spelling being taken or something, I dunno, the music is pretty awesome thought, you’d never guess from the songs that they would be missing an ‘l’ from their name, you’d assume their spelling would be on point and their grammer would be tight as shit!)

Enjoy the show?


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