Ep 21 – Bengalese Blood Orange Tea

Arranging a first date can be a debilitating nerve-racking affair, luckily for all you daters out there, Bernard & Tony have your back in this week’s masterpiece.
We also embark on the nature of success and procrastination and try and tell someone their problem isn’t a problem.
Will Bernard pull back the lead in ‘Fun Fact or Bullshit Act?” , will this segment get a better theme song? – Only one way to find out….

Ep 20 – Lazy Changing Daydreamers

This week Tony and Bernard create the perfect formula for a killer fun time party. Tony realises some alarming driving habits and relives some past drinking escapades he would rather forget. Bernard channels his inner grumpy old man and gives some great advice on Ch-ch-changes! Also this week a very controversial Fun Fact or Bullshit Act, so controversial…

Ep 19 – The post-colonoscopy special

So yeah, it happened, Tony had a colonoscopy. The results… a post sedative rant fest from the Ass-Man himself. Throw in some advice we dish out around letting a girl know you really like her, getting a mate to pay you back, and dealing with brainiac mates and you have a classic Counsinocracy podcast episode….

Episode 18 – Trumpasaurus Rex

Genuine Answers to Genuine Questions this week – How to propose at Harry Potter Word? How to get rid of shitty flatmates and Why do we know more about Dinosaurs than Neanderthals (not sure we do but hey.) Tony tells a few thrilling personal stories, we have another round of ‘Fun Fact or Bullshit Act’…