Episode Four – Swollen Harpist

The age old problem of how to wake up in the morning, free of intense anger due to the buzzing of an alarm clock, is FINALLY addressed.

Also Lightening Round may have had its final chance…. is this the end for Lightening Round??

Episode Three – Duct Tape Laser Beam

In an episode full of surprises, Tony misses a chance to explain a great card trick, Bernard proves that just when you thought all the uses for Duct Tape had been discovered – there is always more, and Lightening Round gets a bit ridiculous.

Bullet Point Ad

Do you like Shamless plugs? Do you like Bullet point based humor? Boy have we got a treat for you.

Episode Two – Be yourself, unless you can be a dinosaur

Bernard and Tony prove that it was no fluke, they managed to capture the magic a second time. While this really isn’t their best work ever, it isn’t their worst by a long shot.
This episode is all about being yourself, even if yourself is a sad thirty something starting out in the world of podcasting.

Episode One – The Phantom Finger

So we managed, despite the odds, to record our first episode. Tony kicks off his podcasting career with a tale of betrayal (and a lesson for all of us) while Bernard tries hard not to laugh at his own jokes.

We solve some problems the only way we know how, and even try our hand at our first special segment – The Lightening Round…